Monday, July 28, 2014

Handling Domestic Abuse Cases

Experiencing domestic violence is very traumatic, an experience that leaves a scar on the victim’s mind. Cases like this takes a long period of time before the jury makes a verdict, putting the victim in a fearful situation. The offender is still at large and may be causing paranoia over the victim, making it the attorney’s duty to help the victim cope up with the case. Lawyers working on a case on Domestic Violence must remember the following.
  • Treat the case like the rest of the cases but be extra careful when talking or interviewing the victim. Though they are given protection, they are still traumatized by their experience. Understand that they will have a hard time recalling what happened for it triggers fear and anxiety in them.
  • Take it slowly. Cases of domestic abuse takes longer time than usual because the trauma still affects the victim. Be patient when working with the victim and try to make the best out of all the details one can get, no matter how relevant they are in the case.
  • Earn the trust and confidence of the victim by being both their lawyer and friend. They need someone who won’t just listen to their experience but keep them safe as well. Most times, victims are having emotional breakdowns and it is part of the job of their attorney to provide them security both physically and emotionally. Share your life experiences and let them know that you are on their side. Lawyers who show concern are good and reliable lawyers.
  • Encourage the victim and help them use their experience to battle against cruelty. No matter how hard it is to handle the victim, an excellent attorney must be able to drive the victim’s will and turn them into a survivor who is willing to stand up and fight for their right.
  • Once all the information needed is gathered, the lawyer must begin the preparation for defense. The lawyer must then give their victim a brief of all the possibilities that may happen after the hearing. A domestic violence lawyer must stay with their client even after the case is resolved.

These are just some of the things that a lawyer must remember when handling Domestic Abuse cases. It will need a lot of effort, understanding and heart in order to get the victim to work with them completely. Domestic Violence in Las Vegas is taken very seriously which are why there are lots of law firms present. One must be smart in choosing the right firm because there are only a few that can give you the strategic and effective plan you need. Look for the best and have both an attorney and a friend to guide you throughout the process.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Holidays every one, I’m here to remind all of you that even if Christmas Day is looming next week to please stay safe. The holidays are always hectic, and you can still get in trouble even if you’re just shopping. Just take a look at some of the extreme cases of BlackFriday shenanigans - definitely not a nice way to start the holidays indeed.
Always keep your guard up, certain crimes like assault, burglary, theft, and general disorderly behaviour have been observed to rise during the holidays. For a fun and safe holiday for the whole family, keep these reminders in mind.

Be responsible when drinking
Festivities and alcohol might be a combination that makes sense, but it’s not if it lands you in jail. Again, do not drink and drive because it can be fatal, unless you have someone to take you home safely. The police also do not appreciate disturbances brought by alcohol, and they do not care if it’s the holidays because they’ll arrest you just the same.

Secure the house at all times
Before going to sleep every night and before leaving the house alone, make sure that all doors and windows are locked tight.

When leaving the house for a long time, get someone to watch over it for you
You don’t want your holidays to end up in a sad note when you see that your house has been broken into. Find neighbours or friends willing to watch them for you while you are away, and tell them how long you are planning to be away.

Put presents under the Christmas tree only on Christmas Day
Presents are very tempting targets to burglars, particularly gifts under the tree. That’s why it’s best to leave them empty until Christmas arrives. It’s also wise to avoid leaving presents in the car, not only will you lose those presents, but you might lose the car too.

Let there be light at Christmas time
If you’re not doing it already, lighting up your whole home can discourage robbers from entering it. Using timed switches also ensures that your light will periodically turn on even when you’re away.

Know who your visitors and callers are
The holidays are also rife with scammers. Always have some suspicion for anyone you are not expecting to visit. The same goes for callers, though it helps if you have caller ID.

 Be careful when shopping online

Again, scammers take a lot of people advantage whenever the holidays arrive. Make sure that you know that your payment method (credit cards rather than debit cards) is secure and your contact is legitimate. Be very careful when giving out personal information.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Disaster Avoided: Responding to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence traumatizes everyone. It leaves the victims a scar that will forever be marked in their minds, an experience that will cause them to live their lives in constant fear. Domestic Violence is such a tragedy, ruining everyone on the receiving end. Most of the time, those who are victims of this vicious act change their outlook in life. They see things differently, building walls and excluding themselves from the people surrounding them.

There are numerous forms of Domestic Violence, involving different ages, relationship and acts. These acts involved inflicting pain physically and mentally to the victims. Situations like these usually involve family members, including the children, and couples. It starts with an argument regarding an unsolved issue that often escalates to physical and verbal abuse.

What makes this even more terrifying is when the offender publicly hurt the victims. In cases like this, witnesses are bound to see what is happening. They experience an event in which they are clueless on how to react. It seems that when this happens, people just stand still and do nothing out of shock. As witnesses, one can do a lot of simple ways to avoid further aggravation and the infliction of pain. Witnesses should not fear being caught in a situation like this because they can help stop the situation from getting worse. Here are some things witnesses can do to help in the situation.

Try and approach the people involved in the argument. Talk to them and help them sort out the problem or just calm them down. If ever the people involved won’t cooperate and insist that they don’t need help, agree with them and leave them but keep an eye on them, things may escalate from that point onwards. Be ready to move in case one starts to hit the other. In situations like this, there are different ways to respond.

a. Break the fight. Separate the people involved, especially the one inflicting pain.

b. If one can’t handle stopping the fight, quickly call the police or anyone who can stop the fight.

c. Take photos and videos and show it to the authorities.

d. If ever the offender won’t stop, use extreme force. Push them away enough to help the victim go. This should always be the last resort and is to be done only if the people involved won’t cooperate or calm down.

Not all of these violent acts happen in an exposed place, sometimes they occur inside the house or apartment but that does not make it less actionable. When one hears shouting, loud thumps or any noise that is probably caused by a fight, they must take the initiative to go and try knocking on the other room or house to see if everything is alright. This will stop the fight and will let the people involved know that they are being noticed by those around them.

There are times when one will not witness or hear anything, they will just see the aftermath of the fight, the wounds and bruises left on the body. When that happens, approach the victim and try to know more about the story behind them. Be discreet and know when to stop to avoid getting on the wrong side of the victim.

Offer them help. It is the simplest yet biggest act that one can do. Letting them know that they are not alone can do a lot for them.

Chances are this will happen in the least expected moments, knowing what to do can save a life and change the event from ending disastrously. Be aware and respond quickly and if you find yourself in one of these situations and is in need of a Domestic Violence lawyer, know that there are always law firms out there that can offer the best service you need.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Can you be arrested for DUI in Nevada using these vehicles?

It depends on the vehicle, but driving under the influence in Nevada is usually limited to motor vehicles or recreational vehicles designed to be mounted or drawn by a motor vehicle. What a “vehicle” is defined in detail by NRS482.135:

“vehicle” means every device in, upon or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a public highway. The term does not include:
  1. Devices moved by human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks;
  2. Mobile homes or commercial coaches as defined in chapter 489 of NRS; or
  3. Electric personal assistive mobility devices.

This means that human-powered vehicles like bicycles, unicycles, skateboards, rollerskates and other similar devices is not under the term “vehicle” as within the ambit of DUI. The same applies to motorized wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and other devices designed to assist disabled persons, but there may be some exceptions. Trains and other vehicles that use railways are also not covered by DUI since train operators aren’t strictly drivers, but they will most likely lose their certification and may face other charges.
In addition, boating also has its own variant of DUI called boating under the influence or DUI boating.

Specific vehicles

Segways – These two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicles are designed for personal transport. While Segways do have a motor installed, which is enough to reclassify a device or vehicle into a motorized vehicle in most cases, it only has a maximum speed of 12.5 mph, which falls under electric personal assistive mobility devices. This is not enough to classify it as a motor vehicle in DUI cases, except if it’s speed goes above 15 mph, then that should be enough to turn it into a motor vehicle.

Electric bicycles – According to NRS 483.067, electric bicycles falls under “bicycles” as long as it:
  • Has fully operable pedals;
  • Electric engine does not produce more than 1 gross horsepower and 750 watts final output;
  • Has a maximum speed of not more than 20 miles per hour on a flat surface.

If the vehicle does not fulfill all of these conditions, it may be classified as a moped. In other words, you probably won’t be charged with DUI, but may face other charges.

Riding mowers – Motorized lawnmowers that are designed to be driven are classified as a motorized vehicle in Nevada. Yes, you can be charged with DUI.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

It is all Goodman.

Accidents and crimes are always unexpected and sometimes unavoidable. Due to this, new law firms began rising out of nowhere. It is best to find yourself with a great team that knows how to respond in every scenario – that is, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer. Your case depends on the lawyer you choose so make sure that the law firm you would hire is better than the rest. Since there are a lot of new firms, it is a good idea to know what you want in a law firm.

Give a background check of the law firm that you are about to choose. Make sure that they have a positive record in winning the cases of their clients. Of course, some losses and problems are inevitable. Almost everything related to law is complicated and hard, so be sure to leave enough space for a realistic expectation. Lawyers are hard working professionals that work wholeheartedly for each client.

Once you’re settled with a law firm, be sure to know the character and skills that you want your lawyer to have. Different cases calls for different set of characteristics. A criminal defense lawyer for instance is different from an environmental lawyer. Some of the characteristics that a client looks for a lawyer are the following:

·         Public Speaking – Law practice requires a lot of speaking both privately and publicly. This skill plays an important role and majorly affects the direction of the case.

·         Logical Thinking – Lawyers make assumptions from the information that is presented to them. From there, a lawyer must be able to make reasonable and smart calls.

·         Perseverance – With a lot of effort and time given to a case, a lawyer must be able to withstand the pressure without breaking down.

·         Punctuality – Every second matters in all cases, regardless of what it is. A lawyer that puts enough time in a case and gets the results without delay is a lawyer to look for.

·         Research Ethics – Credibility is one of the foundations of a lawyer’s profession. Every detail gathered should be factual and relevant to the case.

·         Caring – Whatever the case is, a lawyer must always show concern to its client. Their heart should always be a part of every decision they make.

·         Innovativeness – Situations during cases can get tricky, a lawyer that knows how to be creative can find solutions to these things no matter what.

·         Writing Skills – This profession commits to a lot of paperwork as well. Lawyers should not only be good in speaking and thinking but writing as well. Written arguments and documentations can affect the case in many ways.

Once you’ve settled for a lawyer, it is time to discuss everything you need to discuss. Cooperate completely and try to be a good client, after all you are the one that needs help. Make sure that no detail is left behind because it can cause a ripple effect during the movement of the case. Trust and confidence is vital for a good relationship between a lawyer and the client. At Goodman Law Group, all their criminal defense lawyers will provide you excellent and extraordinary service and consultation. All the questions you have in your mind will be answered with confidence and assurance; hence, worrying is the last thing to do. The best criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas are here in Goodman Law Group. With them, there is nothing to worry about because it’s all Goodman

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Failing Field Sobriety Tests: Not So Hopeless

What will happen if a driver who was allegedly drivingwhile intoxicated has failed the field sobriety tests? Contrary to popular belief, you will not be immediately charged with DUI, and you even have a chance to get your charges dropped. Before we explain why, it’s important to know about field sobriety tests first.

What are field sobriety tests?

The Field Sobriety Tests were created to assess a person’s ability to drive, by way of numerous tests that measures their response time, dexterity, and reflexes, things that are important in driving. However, these are imperfect and can be challenged in court.
The primary reason for these tests is to determine probable cause. This is a requirement in all states in the US before the driver can be subjected to a blood or breath test, or for any arrest. The simplest explanation for this is to find a legitimate reason to arrest you.
 If you been tested or arrested without probable cause (i.e. forced), then you can seek reparations through a civil lawsuit for false arrest or malicious prosecution.

There’s still a chance even if you fail the tests

·         The police officer did not follow protocol. Every test performed have to follow proper procedures, or else the results should not be admissible in court. The reasoning behind this is, an innocent person could have been convicted because an officer made a mistake.
·         The testee’s performance might be affected by other factors. For example, people with balance might not be able to complete some of the tests, while some may have physical or mental injuries or ailments that may interfere with the results. A cross-eyed person, or someone who is prone to shaking or stuttering can be mistaken for someone who is drunk.
·         The officer cannot force someone to take these tests. If they have coerced you to take these tests, it is most likely to fail in the first place and it’s a violation of your rights as well. This also includes if the officer was heckling, insulting, or accusing you during the test so you are more likely to fail. If this ever happens, take note of this and speak with your criminal defenselawyer.
There is only one surefire way to not fail, which is to not take the test! If the police asked you to perform field sobriety tests on you, you will likely comply, but what most people don’t know, this is a request, not an order. You can refusethese field sobriety tests, and we strongly suggest doing so. There is virtually no disadvantage to doing this, except for the possibility of the officer letting you off without charging anything. However, do not refuse breathalyzer or blood tests. You might have the right to refuse, but you will still be penalized (license suspension for example) and it can be used as evidence in court as an admission of guilt.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DUI Unlawful Acts - NRS 484C.110

All states have laws that govern if a driver should be arrested for drunk driving. Several are drafted to cover every circumstance imaginable, with some slight variations between states. Most of the time, the laws are similar for all states. In this post, an experienced DUI– NRS 484c lawyer will explain the particulars about one of the DUI laws specific for Nevada, the NRS 484C.110.

What Is The NRS 484C.110 “Unlawful Acts Law”?

Chapter 484C of the NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes) defines what DUI is in Nevada, as well as other information concerning driving under the influence.
The NRS 484C.110 is a provision that explains the conditions or “unlawful acts” when one can be arrested for driving while intoxicated. Included in the law are the legal limits for alcohol and drugs, which is collected from breath, blood, urine, or field sobriety tests.

Unlawful acts

Committing any of the following unlawful acts are reasonable grounds for arrest. Each act is a separate offense; you can receive additional charges when violating more than one unlawful act:
Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor. It is not enough that a driver is drinking while driving. They have to consume enough alcohol to impair their driving enough that it can be hazardous for them, their passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians.
Having a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.08% and above. Nevada has stated that 0.08% is the optimum limit for driving. It’s flexible enough for most cases, but even if someone is well below the legal limit, a person can still be suspected of driving while intoxicated if their driving is observed to be erratic or dangerous.
Meeting or going beyond the legal BAC level within two hours of operating a vehicle. As long as you were in direct control of a vehicle within two hours, you can still be arrested for DUI even if you have left the car.
Driving while influenced by any controlled substances. DUI laws also cover if the driver was affected by controlled substances. This includes legal or illegal drugs.
Driving while intoxicated or influenced by a combination of alcohol or controlled substances. As stated, DWI also includes being influenced by both alcohol and drugs.

What Can You Do?

As soon as you are arrested, it is important to contact an attorney right away. These cases can become complicated; by contacting a lawyer, they can give you a better chance to reduce or even eliminate the charges if possible. If you have any questions about your case, please ask your criminal defense lawyer. If you need a lawyer, take a look at my profile in LinkedIn.