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The Impact of Domestic Violence Part 2: The Family and Their Community

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In our previous article, we've talked about the effects of Domestic Violence on the victim, the children and the accused. Let us now discuss the effects of Domestic Violence to the family and the community:


Domestic violence has a serious effect on the whole family as well. Here are a few examples:

  • Family conflict – Families who experience domestic violence can lose the “bond” that they share. They might grow apart from each other, feel uncomfortable with each other, and can lose the “love” that they once shared. Couples usually end up in a divorce.
  • Financial constraint if both parents are working, the family income may be split in half. There is a great chance that the victim will shoulder the household expenses. If the victim's income will not be enough to support the whole family. The victim could end up borrowing money or applying for a loan. This often also leads to bankruptcy especially if the family has a lot of members.
  • Involvement of local authorities – Protection orders can have a negative effect on the family. The children may feel intimidated by the presence of the police. The family as a whole can lose their privacy.


  • Bad advertisement – Any negative statistic impacts the community. If there is a high case of drug and alcohol use, the community can lose their real estate value. It can turn-away possible homeowners and investors.
  • Crime rates – Children who grew up in a violent home may suffer from many behavioral problems such as poor social development, depression, anger, and anxiety. They are prone to join gangs, groups or clubs. They can also be involved in drugs, robberies, and sexual crimes.
  • Healthcare cost – According to study, victims of domestic violence are paying 92% more on health care plans, due to frequent medications and medical consultations. The study is based on domestic violence victims vs random samples. 
  • Economic cost – Poor job performance in relation to domestic violence is costly. Companies report that costs can reach to hundreds of millions every year. Poor performance can also lead to unemployment. Unemployment can lead to lesser tax for the local government and there will be an increase in subsidy.

Domestic violence should be taken seriously. It has a great impact to the family and the community.

If you know someone who is accused of domestic violence, contact a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer. Ross Goodman has extensive experience with domestic violence cases in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call Goodman Law Group at (702) 383 – 5088 for a free consultation.

The Impact of Domestic Violence Part 1: The Accused, the Victim and the Child

Domestic Violence Las Vegas Nevada: The Accused, the Victim and the Child

Domestic violence can cause short-term and long-term effects. It can affect the person physically and emotionally. Some victims may lose their jobs because of the frequent absences from work. Some can end up having a financial constraint because of medication, while others can experience a mental breakdown. The state of Nevada is constantly at work to fight Domestic violence. The state has run a series of Domestic Violence awareness campaigns, and came up with several punishments for domestic violence offenders. Defending the charges might be difficult, but it is possible.

If you know someone who is charged with domestic violence, it is of utmost importance for him to consult a domestic violence lawyer.  The attorney can provide legal advice that can help with the case.

In this article, we will talk about the effects of Domestic Violence to the victim, the children, and to the offender.


  • Fear, depression and suicidal thoughts – victims of domestic violence may live in a constant state of fear. They can be hard to comfort, talk to, and may have a severe impact on their job performance. There are cases when the victim tries to kill themselves out of frustration and anxiety.
  • Anger some of the victims cannot release their anger toward the offender.  The anger can be directed on someone else. It can be with their children, other members of the family, co-workers, etc.
  • Financial InstabilityIn relation with fear and depression, victims may end up losing their job due to poor performance or frequent absences. They can also run out of funds because of medication or hospitalization.
  • Having a split personality – Victims may show signs of having a split-personality. The victim can be lively and cheerful outside the home, but grumpy and depressed inside.
  • Use of drugs or being alcoholic victims may end up using controlled substance and alcohol to relieve the pain, depression or stress.

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· Violent tendencies – Children who witness domestic violence are prone to commit domestic violence in the future as well.
· Feeling of guilt, hurt, shame, and fear – Children may feel guilty if they see their parents fighting. They may fear their parents and be wary of them. They can also be shameful of their current family situation and avoid contact with other people.
· They possess a great risk of becoming an alcoholic and a drug abuser. Children who do not have someone to turn-to may end up using alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drug consumption can be difficult to control when it becomes an addiction.
· It can affect their relationship with friends. They may avoid their friends totally because of fear of getting bullied or hearing bad comments and reactions about his/her family or parents. There are cases where the children themselves are the one responsible for the bullying.
Children who witness domestic violence should get the support they need. They need someone that they can talk to. They must receive proper counselling to minimize the effecst of domestic violence.
The Accused

· The accused may carry the burden (feeling of guilt) for a long period of time. Cases may vary depending on the person. There are people who are emotionally strong and may show no signs of effect.
· If a relationship ends because of domestic violence and if the offender has been proven guilty of domestic violence, it will be hard for him to get into another relationship. The record will be with the accused for a lifetime. His future partner will have access to that information one way or the other.

· Minimal future employment (especially for third time offenders)domestic violence is a criminal offense. Those who are proven guilty will have the record permanently stamped on their profile. There are companies who have strict regulations when it comes to employment, especially for office positions. 

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Nevada Domestic Violence Statistics

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Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence (NNADV) is an organization that provides assistance to domestic violence victims. Every year, they collect and produce an annual report of domestic violence cases in Nevada. In this article, we will break down the important points in their annual report.

Here are the statistics provided by NNADV:

Total number of primary victims: 38042
0 – 12
13 - 17
18 - 29
30 - 44
45 - 64
Unknown Age

Number of Victims
White Pine
Out of State

Let us break down the facts:

  • The statistics say that there are over 38,000 of reported cases of domestic violence in Nevada.
  • Women are more prone to the cases of domestic violence.
  • Most of the domestic violence cases are committed by people in the “30 – 44” age bracket, with over 12,000 cases.
  • There are over 12,000 people who do not want to disclose their age.
  • For some reason, Clark County has the most number of reported cases. Lincoln has no reported case of domestic violence.

It is important to take note that the statistics are based on reported cases. There are victims who chose not to report their case. If you know someone who is a victim or charged with a domestic violence, please contact a domestic violence lawyer in Las Vegas.

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Penalties of Violating a Restraining Order in Las Vegas Nevada

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protective order

A crime is committed when an adversed party does not follow the conditions stated in the protection and restraining order. The penalties depend on the type of restraining order that is being violated – whether it is temporary or extended.

The Penalties

·         Violating a Temporary Restraining Order
A person who deliberately violates a temporary restraining order will face gross misdemeanor charges. A gross misdemeanor carries a penalty of not more than a year jail imprisonment. The violator can also pay fines up to $2,000.

·         Violating an Extended Restraining Order
It is considered a Category C Felony when a person purposely violates an extended restraining order. A Category C Felony carries a punishment of one to five years imprisonment in Nevada State Prison. The penalties also include fines up to $10,000.

·         Workplace Harrassment or Domestic Abuse
The adverse party will face misdemeanor charges if he/she intentionally violates a temporary or an extended restraining order against domestic exploitation or harrassment in the workplace. These misdemeanor charges carry fines of up to $1,000 and includes a jail detention of up to 6 months.
Note: Protection and Restraining orders from other states are issued with full faith and credit by their state laws. It means that out-of-state orders are treated and imposed by police officers just like the in-state orders.

Protection and Restraining Order Defense Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

A Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney can assist you in dealing with restraining orders. Ross Goodman is a domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas who can help you in the following ways:
·         File an appeal against the temporary or extended restraining order
·         Represent you well on the court and can tell your side of the story
·         Resolve your case without a trial through dismissal
·         Lessen the charges and penalties of violating a restraining order through plea bargaining
·         Defend you against the accusations and can find ways to get the restraining order lifted

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Open Or Gross Lewdness in Las Vegas

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Open and gross lewdness is a serious allegation in Las Vegas Nevada. It is considered a gross misdemeanor or a category D felony depending on the circumstances. Knowing the law regarding open and gross lewdness can help a person avoid serious consequences.

What is Open and Gross Lewdness in Las Vegas, Nevada?
Under the Nevada State Law, open and gross lewdness is defined as:

·         Any deliberate sexual act performed either in public or in a private location where other people could still witness it.

This happens when a person does sexual acts explicitly in public. An example of this is when a man masturbates in front of his open window at home. Though the person is in a private place, the act is still done openly. Hence, a crime is committed. 

·         Any sexual encounter that is nonconsensual and is not considered as actual rape.

A person will be accused of open and gross lewdness if he/she allegedly touched another person in a sexual approach without consent. These sexual acts are not deemed as rape because it involves no penetration. An example of this is when a guy touches the breast or kisses the neck of a girl without consent. Since there is no penetration, the person will not be charged of rape.
Note: According to NRS 201.210, the breast feeding of a child by his/her mother is not considered as open or gross lewdness.

Is indecent exposure same with open and gross lewdness?

The two cases are different. Indecent exposure is the exposure of private body parts regardless of the person’s sexual interest. On the other hand, open and gross lewdness concerns mostly on sexual acts.

What are the penalties?
Here are the penalties that a person might face when charged with open and gross lewdness in Las Vegas, Nevada:

First Offense – it is considered as a gross misdemeanor
·         Jail time of one year
·         A maximum of $2,000 fine
·         Possible sex offender registration

Subsequent offense – it constitutes a Category D Felony
·         Imprisonment of one to four years
·         A maximum fine of $5,000
·         Possible sex offender registration

Sex Assault Lawyer in Las Vegas Nevada

An experienced sexual assault lawyer in Las Vegas like Ross Goodman can help you defend criminal charges including open and gross lewdness. With his years of experience, Ross Goodman can successfully dismiss or drop the charges against you.

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Contending an Extended Protection Order for Domestic Violence in Las Vegas

Extended Protection Order for Domestic Violence in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, A person who is charged with an Extended Protection Order (EPO) for domestic violence has to face numerous consequences. Here are some of them:

You may be prevented from seeing your children and pets
You may be sent away from your home
You may be forbidden to use firearms 
You may be required to pay for child support, mortgages, and other amount requested by the complainant
The protective order can be used as an evidence against you in family law disputes
Disqualification for employment and educational opportunities

Since Extended Protection Orders last for up to 1 year, the court provides the accused an opportunity for a hearing within 45 days after the EPO was filed. Otherwise, the court may not permit the petition. Once you were informed about the EPO in Las Vegas, NV., contact a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible to prevent the protective order from staying in effect for a long period of time. Remember not to violate any provision in the protective order for it can lead to heavier charges.

The EPO Hearing
The hearing for an EPO is a fast proceeding. Usually, the judge only takes 10-20 minutes to hear the sides of each party. The hearing is not meant to be a trial. Although you can present your case alone, it is advisable to hire a defense lawyer to be assured that you will be given a sufficient time for laying out your case. Keep in mind that you have to remain calm while in court. Any type of misbehavior can lead the judge to implement a permanent protection or restraining order against you.

How can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Help Me?
A domestic violence lawyer can help you be free from an extended protection order. He can deal with the law enforcers and the prosecutor on your behalf. He can also file a motion in court, can present defense witnesses, and also cross examine the complainant to strengthen your case. If there is a thin chance that your case will be dismissed, the domestic violence lawyer can still find ways to at least reduce the charges against you through plea bargaining. 

If you have been charged with an extended protection order, contact Atty. Ross Goodman right away. Ross is the most experienced domestic violence attorney in Las Vegas. You can reach him at (702) 383 - 5088 for consultation and inquiries.

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Criminal Record Sealing in Nevada

Criminal records are public information. They can be easily accessed by anyone including government agencies, private companies and organizations. Criminal record sealing is a legal process done to conceal your legal charges from the database of criminal records in Nevada. All the details of the criminal proceedings will be treated as if they never happened.

Benefits of Criminal Record Sealing
                Criminal record sealing helps lessen the disadvantages of having a criminal record. This process returns your rights as a voter, your right to hold and keep an office, your right to become a panel on a jury and your right to have a clean criminal record for job opportunities. Therefore, when the person with a sealed criminal record applies for a job, he can write “no” to questions pertaining to criminal charges and convictions.

Reopening the Sealed Criminal Record
In Clark County Nevada, once sealed, the criminal information can never be reopened unless:
·         You petition the court to allow you review your own criminal record
·         You are subsequently arrested for the same violation or offense. Even if your case was dismissed before, it can still be reviewed by the latest prosecutor.
·         You were found guilty of the accusations. Prosecutors or those who are accused of the same offense may reopen your criminal record for reference.
·         An agency was given the permission by the court to inspect your criminal record for specific purposes such as issuing gaming licenses and the like.

“How can I be qualified for Criminal Record Sealing?”
                Every case is unique. If you have been acquitted, you may petition the court to seal your criminal record as soon as possible. If you were convicted of the charges, you may petition the court after a specific ‘waiting time’ and once you have been released from probation or after you have settled the fine required. The most serious felony cases require more or less 15 years of waiting time before the criminal record can be sealed. Within the said period of time, the person should not be arrested or accused of any offense except for minor traffic violations. However, even if you are eligible for criminal record sealing, the court is still “not obliged” to grant the process. It will always be on the discretion of the judge whether or not he will approve your petition.

Getting Help from a Criminal Defense Lawyer
                The good news is that a skilled and experienced LasVegas criminal attorney like Ross Goodman can help you convince the court to grant the petition. You may also consult the defense lawyer if you are unsure whether or not your case is qualified for criminal record sealing. Call Ross at (702) 383 – 5088 for consultations.